Meet Jennifer & Stacey

Hi! We’re Jennifer & Stacey, two working moms and great friends who want to help guide you through the challenges of motherhood in order to make the most of your life by helping you feel more confident and less overwhelmed.  


our story

How we got here

We both work full-time in demanding fields that ask a lot of us – Stacey works in education and Jennifer is a healthcare worker.  We give a lot to our jobs and have both struggled with feeling exhausted, depleted, pulled in too many directions, and like there was nothing left for our families at home, let alone ourselves.  Even though we have great girlfriends, a supportive family, and practice some occasional self-care, we still couldn’t shake the feeling of being on a treadmill we couldn’t get off of.  

Coaching helped both of us. Working with a coach help us talk out or worries, prioritize our needs, and hold us accountable for making plans that made us better. Not only did we feel better about our own lives, but we also became inspired to become coaches and pass on the rewarding experience of coaching to other mothers by pursuing our Health & Life Coach certification.  

We spent countless hours planning our business and coaching women to learn how to help them tackle the challenging but amazing experience of motherhood. 

We Can help you

Manage your worries to live the life you want

We know that women have unique worries and everyone has particular areas in their lives that they wish were better.  And we have the skills to make sustainable, challenging, and noticeable differences in your life with our coaching business.

VITAL CHATS; personalized calls every other week that help decipher what problems you are having in your life, why you want to make a change, and how we can get on a path towards that change. 

Life & health coaching made easy for busy women.

I’m so glad I was able to work with Jennifer. She was always upbeat. She helped to motivate me to stay the course. Highly Recommend!!!

Jill d.